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With the experience of working on Machine Learning and Knowledge Graph applications for 30 years (at Google, Capital One, SAIC, Compass Labs, etc.) I am now concerned that the leverage of deep learning and knowledge representation technologies are controlled by a few large companies, mostly in China and the USA. I am proud to be involved organizations like Ocean Protocol and Common Crawl that seek tp increase the availability of quality data to individuals and smaller organizations.

Traditional knowledge management tools relied on structured data often stored in relational databases. Adding new relations to this data would require changing the schemas used to store data which could negatively impact exisiting systems that used that data. Relationships between data in traditional systems was predefined by the structure/schema of stored data. With RDF and OWL based data modeling, relationships in data are explicitly defined in the data itself. Semantic data is inherently flexible and extensible: adding new data and relationships is less likely to break older systems that relied on the previous verisons of data.

A complementary technology for knowledge management is the automated processing of unstructured text data into semantic data using natural language processing (NLP) and statistical-base text analytics.

We will help you integrate semantic web and text analytics technologies into your organization by working with your staff in a mentoring role and also help as needed with initial development. All for reasonable consulting rates Technologies:


Natural Language Processing (NLP) using deep learning

Fusion of classic symbolic AI systems with deep learning models

Linked data, semantic web, and Ontology's

News ontology

Note: this ontology was created in 2004 using the Protege modeling tool.

About is owned as a sole proprietor business by Mark and Carol Watson.

Mark Watson is an author of 16 published books and a consultant specializing in the JVM platform (Java, Scala, JRuby, and Clojure), artificial intelligence, and the Semantic Web.

Carol Watson helps prepare training data and serves as the editor for Mark's published books.

Carol and Mark in India

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