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Class Company

Concrete Class Extends 
Direct Instances:
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Template Slots
Slot name Documentation Type Allowed Values/Classes Cardinality Default
institutionName name of institution

String    0:*   
owl:versionInfo String    0:1   
:OWL-DIFFERENT-FROM Instance  owl:Thing  0:*   
:OWL-SAME-AS Instance  owl:Thing  0:*   
news_Slot_0 Instance    0:*   
protege:valuesComputer String    0:*   
owl:isDefinedBy String    0:1   
rdfs:label String    0:1   
owl:seeAlso String    0:1   
name String    0:1   

Own Slots
Slot name Documentation Type Value  Cardinality
owl:versionInfo   String 
:OWL-SAME-AS   Instance 
news_Slot_0   Instance 
protege:valuesComputer   String 
owl:isDefinedBy   String 
rdfs:label   String 
owl:seeAlso   String 
name   String 

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